Suspension JUA Activity - COVID19

Respected All JUA Executive Members,

Respected All JUA Family members,

Respected Oceania Judo Federation


In relation to the effect of malicious Corona Virus which hit to our society and epidemic of the virus effect to the mankind. The development by COVID-19 in the world population compels us to take the following measures. Furthermore, to the subject and in consideration to the ground reality, and our coordination with the International Judo Federation (IJF) and for the sake of our Judokas; JUA has decided to take the following measures:

ü  JUA suspend all Olympic Ranking list competitions till 30-Apr-2020; after this date we will coordinate with IJF and decide the new date of Senior & Oceania Asian Judo Championship.

ü  Special unit will oversee the Epidemics of COVID-19; which will be headed by IJF President Mr. Marius.

ü  The points scored by the athletes in the tournaments are kept until the Düsseldorf Grand Slam (February 21-23) included, will be the last tournament for all countries’ athletes for Olympic qualification.

With the time more reality will be vigilant to the human eye and we will be better in a position to decide the situation either to postpone or strict to our earlier decided suspension dates.

Wish all the World greater peace and prosperity, and to all our judo family.




Obaid Z. Al-Anzi

President Judo Union of Asia

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