Judo Union of Asia Congress
Hotel Le Grand Plaza Hotel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
May 12, 2005

Flash Report

The 2005 JUA Congress was held in Tashkent on May 12, 2005. It was attended by 23 Countries and Regions while 7 Countries were not able to attend.

8 Countries sent their proxies. The countries present were CHN, IND, IRI, IRQ, JOR, JPN, KAZ, KGZ, KOR, KSA, KUW, MAC, PHI, QAT, PRK, SYR, THA, TKM, TPE, UAE, UZB, VET and YEM.

CAM, HKG, INA, MAL, MGL, NEP, TJK were absent.

Those that sent proxies were BAN, LAO, LEB, MYA, PAK, PAL, SIN and SRI.

The JUA EC Members gave their reports, and they were approved by the Congress. Three Vice Presidents; Mr. Tytler,South Zone, Mr. Al Atiya, 2006 Asian Games, and Mr. Song, 2008 Olympic Games were absent.

Mr. Takeuchi, JUA President, reported affiliation of Afghanistan Judo Federation and it was unanimously approved by the Congress and now JUA has 39 members.

The JUA President and Mr. Kim, Vice President from East Zone asked JUA members to support Mr. Y. S. Park, IJF President for the re election to the post of IJF President in Cairo IJF Congress in September, 2005.

Uzbekistan Judo Federation reported on the preparations for the 2005 Asian Judo Championships. 26 member countries had sent entries for this year AJC.

Representatives from 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2005 Asian Junior Judo Championships in Chinese Taipei, and 2006 Doha Asian Games in Qatar gave presentations on preparation of Judo events that they are hosting.

Amendment of JUA Statute presented by Mr. Takeuchi, JUA Finance and Accounting procedure by Mr. Kumar, and replacement of JUA Technical Code by JUA Sports and Organizing Rule ,SOR prepared by Mr. Che were approved.

The approved JUA SOR will be adopted from January 1st, 2006. The following proposals from JUA EC were also approved.

1] The new format of JUA Seminar by Mr. Kawaguchi

2] The Legal committee under the EC by Mr. Che

3] Youth Championships, Kata Championships and
Coaching license by Mr. Derakhshan

4] Allotment of Judo Development fund of USD 5,000 to
each Zone, and special grant of USD 1,000 to each
member federation through zone President by Mr.

The JUA future events are allocated as follows:

2006 AJJC to Korea
2007 AJC to Kuwait
2007 AJJC to India
2008 AJC to Korea
2008 AJJC to Yemen

The bid for 2007 AJC was voted between Kuwait and Vietnam, and the result was 22 for Kuwait, 7 for Vietnam and 2 were invalid.

The Congress adjourned at 13.30 PM

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